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Our Mission

To help businesses use "talent decisional data" for quick and easy operational decision-making.


What is CitiQuants

Led by talent, innovation and corporate expansion experts, data analysts, and research scientists; our focus is on bringing innovation and efficiencies to the operational talent-cost and talent- management corporate expansion process.

We’re committed to eliminating the expensive talent cost benchmarking and corporate expansion research that drives the current corporate model. We offer a powerful talent spend platform that provides data and analytics for enterprise to make quick Tech-City driven talent cost benchmarking decisions globally. Our platform delivers the best quality and accuracy.


What CitiQuants Does

We help businesses achieve talent and talent location operating cost benchmarking analysis faster and at lower cost. Our platform eliminates third parties that add to location research costs. By offering a talent operational data analytics benchmarking platform solely for the enterprise. Our "talent decisional data" speeds up analytics use and lowers time, search and delivers real business value.


What’s CitiQuants Value to You

CitiQuants lets you benchmark talent faster with unparalleled pricing accuracy success. Here’s why you can trust us.


Expertise Galore

All our selected tech cities data on talent, location cost and work culture are produced by the interactions of top experts and algorithms.


Nada risk

You have no risk with our data. We give 30 days to validate the data you’ve subscribed to. We can adjust any data point on any query that you may have. Our clients are 100% satisfied.


Scale Data as Needed

Our model is flexible to your needs. You need one talent category or one city, no problem. You can scale up to multiple data feeds or a full platform or scale down, at your own speed.


Seamless Process

Easy subscription, easy API customizable data plan selection and frictionless one-time, monthly or annual billing and payments. Its all good, you’ll love working with us.


Flexible Arrangements

We’re here for you: you can choose only the data you need. We give you a platform to work with. We can also personally help you access existing and new locations. Just reach out to us!


Amazing Care

We love caring for you so much we developed a new industry term for it – Metacare© - it’s the seventh level of care delivered called enchantment. We look forward to giving you unparalled support.

Our Team

Philip Peters


In demand Business Development (BD) Growth Strategist and Researcher. Creator of the Business Development Analytics, Design Methodology Framework called The Tig Protocol.

Augustine Nelson

Chief Economist/CoFounder

Lecturer Economics (University of Miami), Ph.D., Monetary and Computational Economics.

Riyaad Seecharan

Senior Strategic Advisor (Technology)

Specialties: Product Development, Software Development, Innovation, Customer Support, Program Management, Enterprise Services, Knowledge Management, User Centered Design, Internet Technology, Software as a Service, Product Management, Migration, SDLC Methodology, Business Plans, Operations.

Stephen Smith

Senior Strategic Advisor (Algorithms)

Research Professor, Robotics Director, Intelligent Coordination and Logistics Laboratory, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.

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