Quickly Perform Accurate Talent Cost and Talent Location Density Benchmarking

CitiQuants Platform helps CFOs and their teams at the enterprises select, analyze and benchmark talent cost across locations accurately, with total-cost wages across cities globally

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Are you a CFO? C-Suite or Senior Executive? Cut talent benchmarking costs! Save on talent research spend.

How citiQuants Works

We follow a rigorous 3-step process to provide you with reliable, accurate and fresh data on tech cities. Our focus is on providing "decisional-economic data" that's the talent and location costs required to make your site selection decisions.



We capture data algorithmically from online sources, expert analysts, and institutions. Our Data Driven economic Development (DDeD) Publisher standardizes our data capture process.



Our eKlekos site - analytics engine crunches, analyses and normalizes the captured data. All data entering our platform goes through a 3-step validation process.



At the end of the data validation and normalization process, users get to easily subscribe and access the data in multiple formats or save it on CitiQuants cloud.

Talent Stock

You get to drill down from country to metro and finally to the city level.
You can easily select and set-up the positions and locations you want to benchmark.
You’ll receive real-time market adjusted updates automatically.

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Talent Price

You get to use detailed IT and BPO talent cost data for your different locations.
You can dynamically create reports combining talent cost, city and metro population,
city and metro talent stock, college and technical college graduation data
to make location decision.

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Talent Plus

You get to use the six key metadata needed to run real-time cost analysis and
compare multiple locations side by side. You can access basic wage, together with
taxes and fringe percentage and all the statutory benefits that are required.

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Hi Philip, this is fine work, great data overall with these 25 locations ranking. We’re good to go. Thanks.

Sue Polich - VP Real Estate & Sourcing

(Formerly GE Money)

I enjoyed working with you while in Miami, the intelligence and data your company provided was exceptional and critical in helping us manage the region.

Naohiko(Nick) Yamaguchi - Executive Manager

Thanks for your help in evaluating the Caribbean region on our behalf. The objective study your company produced on the four markets helped us in our final selection to launching Overdrive Jamaica in Montego Bay area.Your knowledge of the Caribbean is sound and we’ll be delighted to refer you and any company seeking to make a decision on setting up an operation in the Caribbean.

Steve Potash - CEO

Philip my expertise is taking me to another career opportunity. However, before I depart I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to you and your team for your constant support and data for our market development initiatives in the Caribbean region.

Enrique Garcia Van Grietken - Business Development Coordination

Thanks for you work and report on the Nearshore for our client Emergia, it was on the spot.

Horacio Rivera-Piza - Telecom, Media and Technology Investments

Philip it was nice working with you in providing us with labor and cost data across different countries and various functions at PwC. As discussed, I am leaving PwC at the end of this week. I would like to introduce you to Rajib Arjun. He is a leader in the Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory practice based in the Bay area.

Amit Sarkar - Advisory

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